May 20, 2004

Exterior Color Selections

When we first bought our house in 2000 it had some boxy, overgrown evergreen bushes in front of the porch. We removed them and planted a tree in the front yard, but other than that, this is pretty much what the house looked like:

In 2004 we decided to replace the porch, siding, roof, and windows. The first step was making lots and lots of decisions. We drove around taking pictures of houses we liked. We really liked this house's color scheme:

We liked this siding:

And this roof:

Next I created images of what our house would look like. Here's my drawing of our house's original color scheme:
This is one of the color schemes we were considering; the siding color was "Montery Sand".

This drawing is closest to all of the colors we finally decided on:
Roof: Weathered Wood, architectural style (Timberline)
Siding: Tuscan Clay (Charter Oak)
Trim: Natural Linen (Charter Oak)
Porch floor, steps, and railings: Oak Brown, semi-transparent (Cabot)
Porch posts, spindles, lattice, and trim around lattice: Ultra White, solid (Cabot)


sam said...

Hi Sara

I love what you have done with your place. I'm currently agonising over our exterior colour scheme and was wondering how you managed to draw you house and play with the colours?


Sara Tams said...

I just did it manually using a software program called Photo Editor.

lpc1130 said...

Your house looks great! My husband & I are in the process of picking a siding color, and I actually came across your blog goggling "Tuscan Clay". Also, we are debateing on wheteher or not to use white trim, as you did, or keep it the same as the siding. I was wondering if there's any way you could send me a larger photo of your house, the one on the webiste looks great, but it's kinda small, I'd like to get a better look. If not, I understand. I really love your work, great choices!!!

lpc1130 said...

I'm sorry, I wrote too soon! I was able to find the picture of your house in a bigger scale, I really do LOVE LOVE LOVE all the work you've done. Inside and out. Your home looks beautiful! Thank you for all the insperation!