May 15, 2004


Not having a garage that we could store anything in for 4 years we'd been keeping all our yard stuff in the basement and hauling our old fashioned reel mower up and down the stairs every time we cut the grass.

Not knowing when we'd ever build a new garage we finally decided to buy a shed kit from Home Depot. Here's a picture of the materials from the kit. The shed's going to go in the very back of the yard in the left corner.
If my memory serves me correctly, this project wasn't too bad. Or maybe it was just nice that my mom came to babysit almost all weekend, and working on this project was a nice break for me. And I love projects with such an immediate and tangible result!

My sister and I ended up putting the roof on the shed while my husband was at work one day, and it felt like such an awesome accomplishment! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and the storage space is great. My husband is thrilled that we were finally able to get a gas-powered lawnmower!

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