July 28, 2004

Front Door

We get asked about our front door and storm door pretty often. When we were trying to decide on doors we drove around our neighborhood taking pictures and really liked one of our neighbor's doors. We took the picture to Edward Hines Lumber, and they were super helpful looking through books with us to find similar door styles.

We ended up buying our front door from Simpson Door Company: And our storm door from The Combination Door Company. It has a glass front for winter and a screen front that we use the rest of the year.

We ordered both of them through Edward Hines. They came unfinished, and we stained and sealed them. We were on a really tight budget for our siding, windows, and roof so we could do them all at one time, but this splurge on the doors was totally worth it - it really makes all the difference in the look of the entire house.

July 12, 2004

Exterior Remodeling

The first step was to remove the old porch and concrete steps:
Next were the support posts and porch structure.
Porch flooring:
This was a crazy day - we were getting lots of deliveries and almost every crew was here except the roofing guys.A before picture of the siding:

The new siding in progress:
It's coming together nicely! We still need a new front door, gutters, trim on the porch posts,and paint for the porch.
Prairie Path Pavers really helped us out with this last minute decision to put in a new sidewalk from the porch to the driveway. We were also thrilled with the choices that O'Donovan Landscaping helped us with, a few small evergreens and two burning bushes.
From start to finish the entire job only took about 2 months! At the time it seemed like forever, but looking back that's really not too bad.