July 12, 2004

Exterior Remodeling

The first step was to remove the old porch and concrete steps:
Next were the support posts and porch structure.
Porch flooring:
This was a crazy day - we were getting lots of deliveries and almost every crew was here except the roofing guys.A before picture of the siding:

The new siding in progress:
It's coming together nicely! We still need a new front door, gutters, trim on the porch posts,and paint for the porch.
Prairie Path Pavers really helped us out with this last minute decision to put in a new sidewalk from the porch to the driveway. We were also thrilled with the choices that O'Donovan Landscaping helped us with, a few small evergreens and two burning bushes.
From start to finish the entire job only took about 2 months! At the time it seemed like forever, but looking back that's really not too bad.

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