October 25, 2006

Upstairs Bathroom

In October of 2006 we found out we'd be having company stay with us for Thanksgiving. We'd been thinking about remodeling the upstairs bathroom, so this seemed like a good time to go ahead and do it. Compared to the exterior remodeling (2 months) and the downstairs bathroom (2 weeks), this was a pretty quick project (4 days).

Here's a before and after photo. Again, this bathroom is so small, it's really hard to get any good pictures.
As you can see the biggest improvement was the shower door. We replaced the old door with a beautiful, clear, frameless door. We also replaced the shower surround with a base and tiled walls, and replaced the floor tile and baseboard while we were at it.

Even though I wasn't crazy about the tile we ended up using for the downstairs bathroom, we decided to use something similar in the upstairs bathroom to keep them consistent with each other.

Again, we kept the existing toilet and vanity to save some money, we just replaced the cabinet hinges and put new caulking around the vanity top.

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