May 26, 2006

Downstairs Bathroom

When we remodeled the exterior of our house we asked the siding guys to remove the downstairs bathroom window which was in the shower area. At the time we thought we would eventually re-tile that area ourselves. Two years passed, and that never happened, so we called our contractor and asked him for an estimate.

He came over to take a look at the bathroom, and as we were talking about it, we decided to have him remove the old cast iron bathtub as well. And as long as we were doing that, we might as well also re-tile the floor. And install a recessed medicine cabinet. And a fan. And update the electrical. And replace the baseboard and heating vent.

It's really hard to take good pictures of this tiny bathroom, so here's a drawing to give you an overall idea of the layout:
Now for the "before" pictures. I really hate to admit this, but we actually put up this wallpaper and border (!) ourselves in 2000.
I hated this heating register!
And this white tile floor:
Here's a picture of where the window used to be. Oh yeah, and notice there wasn't a real shower head, just a hose going from the bathtub faucet up to a handheld shower head. Lovely.
After removing the old tile and the bathtub, they ended up taking down almost all of the walls to the studs.
Then they put in lots of insulation on the exterior wall where the bathtub is so our bathwater won't get cold so quickly in the winter.
Once the bathtub was in and the new drywall was installed, they started on the tiling:
Luckily the spot where we wanted a recessed medicine cabinet was already framed for it, so the installation of that went really smoothly.
The grout is finished and the plumbing is all in place.
Now for the after pictures:

If I had it to do over again I wouldn't choose this tile, but at least it's a nice, new bathroom!
A real shower head!!
And a lovely wall register! Yea!

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